Who I am
Here I tell you a bit more about me, my business and what kind of service you can expect from me.


Baia Design is a one-man studio. My name is Fabrice Pallaud. I've been living and working in English and Spanish speaking environments for the last six years. Following Computer Science undergraduate studies in France (my home country), the UK and Argentina, I proceeded with a MSc. in Security of Information Technology from La Salle - Ramon Llull University in Barcelona, Spain.


After a successful experience in the area of network administration and security, application development, and website design, I settled down in the UK in early 2008 and founded Baia Design.


I specialise in design for the web and for print. I craft designs that can benefit you, your audience, and your brand. Check out my range of services to see how I can help you. I'm based in the UK, but thanks to email and Skype I can work with companies and individuals located anywhere. Get in touch to find out your next steps.