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Logo Questionnaire

Thank you for considering Baia Design for your new logo project ! The idea of this questionnaire is to help you provide the information needed to give an accurate quote for your requirements. You don't have to answer all the questions now, but keep in mind that the more questions you answer, the more precise the quote will be.

You can fill out the questionnaire below now. Alternatively, you can download this questionnaire in Word format and send it back to later on.

Contact Information

Company name *

What is the name of your company ?


What is the current or intended web address (URL) of your company ?

Name *

What is your name ?


What is your telephone number ?

Email *

What is your email ?

Logo Package Options

Logo Refresh Package

If you are generally happy with your existing logo, but feel it’s showing it’s age, this option may suit. This basically entails a quick refresh of your existing logo. Maybe it needs an updated typeface and/or the logo-mark needs a bit of a clean up. In the box below please explain what you are looking for, prices range from US $250 - US $400 (£150 - £250)

Normal Logo Package

Please choose a price range below. Bear in mind that budget will affect the overall result of a logo. Research and preparation are critical to logo and brand identity design. The lower the budget, the less time can be spent ensuring a perfect fit. This is the package that will deliver the best researched results if you are serious about your identity.

  • US $400 (£250)
  • US $600 (£350)
  • US $800 (£500)
  • US $950 (£600)
  • None of these


Schedule *

When does your project need be completed ?

  • Within 3 weeks
  • Within 1 month
  • Within 2 months
  • Within 3 months
  • Within 4 months
  • None of these

Brand information

About *

Please describe what your company is all about. This is where I need you to be descriptive and detailed as I absolutely need to understand to the best of my ability what I am designing for.

Sum up what you do

This is a refined and optimised version of above. Think along the lines of descriptive tag lines. 6-10 words is the ideal number words but if you can't manage it in 6, then as few words as possible. This helps me quickly understand what it is you do, who or what you are about. Imagine you have just a few minutes to enthusiastically but realistically describe what it is you do.

Appropriate keywords and descriptive words or phrases *

Similar to above, but list keywords that best sum up the overall impression you want to convey with the logo. This is all about creating the appropriate perception in your target market.


When consumers/clients/customers view your logo or brand identity, what would be the ideal feeling or emotion you would like them to feel ?

What does the logo need to say about you or the company ? *

While the previous question focused on emotion and feelings, this one is a general description about what the logo/identity needs to say or portray.

Number of Staff *

This gives me an idea of the scope of the project in terms of staff and client awareness for the identity.

Premises of business *

Are you home based or work in offices ? If you have multiple offices and/or locations then please also specify.

Logo Wording *

Please detail exact wording for logo. For me it's 'Baia Design', for Coca-cola its 'Coca-Cola' etc.

Tag Line

If you have an existing tag line, which needs to form part of the logo, then please enter this here.

Type of Logo required *

  • Main company logo
  • Personal brand logo
  • Website logo
  • Software/application logo
  • Website badge
  • Website icon
  • None of these

Technical and practical details

Where will the logo be used ? *

I need to know where you plan to use the logo, as this determines the overal design, how flexible and adaptable the design needs to be.

  • Website
  • Stationery
  • Vehicle livery
  • Exterior signs
  • Clothing - screen print
  • Clothing - embroidered
  • Corporate literature
  • Marketing merchandise

Other :

It's all about the size *

This relates to the above. I need to know how the logo will work in the real world at the extreme of sizes. A logo that looks great on a letterhead may not be legible on the side of a pen. For example, tell me if you need the logo to be legible printed on the side of a pen and/or adorned on the side of a building.

What visual style of logos appeal to you *

In the absence of a client meeting, this helps me get into your 'mind'. See what wavelength you are on, and also if the wavelength you are on is indeed suitable. Please provide URL's of any logos you like.

Your preferences


Are you looking to avoid or implement certain colours ? Please list colours that you feel would have a positive or negative impact.

Specific visual requirements

Are there any images, symbols or icons you like, images you feel sum up who you are, what you do ? You may have a crest, some personal symbol you would like to include.

Have more to say ?

If you have more information that couldn't be squeezed in above then please feel free to use the space below.

Anti Spam *

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Thank you !

Thank you for your effort and time. Click the Send button below to send it to me.
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