Salam Nounou

Country :
Responsabilities : Front-end design, WordPress development, Logo
Description : Website for a small baby-sitting agency that focuses on the Muslim community in Bruxelles, Belgium.

    The goal of this website is both to allow parents to book a baby-sitter, and to allow applicants to apply for a baby-sitter position at Salam Nounou, hence the front page layout in 2 columns (one for parents and one for applicants). In specifications, client describes desired result as “user-friendly, modern, interactive [and] attractive”.

    Above, a shortened version of the parents booking form for booking a baby-sitter. A colourful vector picture related to the website’s audience has been added on the side of the form in order to adorn it and to make up for the off-putting nature of web forms.

    The colors and imagery of the website were chosen to produce a general impression of sweetness and clarity.

    The client wanted that the nature of his business (baby-sitting) be clearly reflected in the logo. Thus, the dummy immediately suggests the notion of baby, while the pink color on the left and the blue one of the right “confirm” this impression by introducing the idea of boy/girl, always very present in all affairs of young children (clothes, toys, etc).

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