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Website Questionnaire

Thank you for considering Baia Design for your new web project ! The idea of this questionnaire is to help you provide the information needed to give an accurate quote for your requirements. You don't have to answer all the questions now, but keep in mind that the more questions you answer, the more precise the quote will be.

You can fill out the questionnaire below now. Alternatively, you can download this questionnaire in Word format and send it back to later on.

Contact Information

Company name *

What is the name of your company ?


What is the current or intended web address (URL) of your company ?

Name *

What is your name ?


What is your telephone number ?

Email *

What is your email ?

Schedules and Budget

Schedule *

When does your project needs be completed ?

  • Within 2 weeks
  • Within 1 month
  • Within 2 months
  • Within 3 months
  • Within 4 months
  • None of these

Budget *

What is your budget for this project ?

  • US $800 - US $1200 (£500 - £800)
  • US $1200 - US $2500 (£800 - £1500)
  • US $2500 - US $3000 (£1500 - £2000)
  • None of these

Brand information

About *

Please describe what your company is all about.

Number of staff

This gives me an idea of the scope of the project in terms of staff and client awareness for the identity.

People involved *

How many people would be involved in this project at your organization ? Who are the decision makers on this project ? What is the turnaround time for making a decision ?

Project information

Purpose of the website *

What general business goals do you plan to achieve with your new website ?

Primary action expected *

What primary action should a primary user take when visiting your site ? Example: registering for an account, purchase a product/service, making a donation, reading editorial content, referring a friend, etc.

Main sections of the site *

How many pages do you need for your website ? Please state the pages you think you’ll need. Example: Articles, Products, Blog, etc. If you have a sitemap / structure prepared, even provisional, please mention it.

Features *

Are there any key functions you would like the site to have ? Example: a gallery, blog, shopping cart, forum, contact form, search capability, secure client login, etc.

If eCommerce functionality is involved

If you plan to do online sales, what is the product and how many items do you want to sell online ? Also, are you set up to accept credit cards ?

Responsive design (mobile-friendly) *

How important is it that you website’s layout fully adapts to mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad or smartphones ?

  • Very important
  • Moderately important
  • Not important

Content Management System *

Will you require the site to be content managed (meaning, content that you can modify yourself) ? If so which part of the website ?

Content *

Have you already created the site copy : all of it, some of it, or none of it ? If the answer is either some of it or none of it, do you have a plan for tackling this effort and how soon do you anticipate having it ready ? Do you need help establishing styles, devising a content strategy, or actually writing copy ?

Do you have a logo ? Are you satisfied with how it represents your company ?

If you already have a website

Reasons behind the redesign

What are the main reasons for redesigning your site ? Example: new business model, outdated site, expanded services, etc.

Strengths and weaknesses of your current site

What aspects of your current site work well and why are they successful ? What's not so great and why do you think that is ?

Maintaining current look

How important is it to maintain your current look and feel, logo, and branding ?


Look and feel *

Could you describe the end result of your project's look and feel ? Example: clean, modern, warm, glossy, grunge, corporate, edgy, crisp, traditional, etc. When somebody visits your new website for the first time, how do you want this person to feel about your company ?


Could you provide a few URLs of websites whose look and feel appeals to you and that you would like your site to have ? (Need not to be your competitors nor your same business domain). What specifically do you like about these sites ?


Are you looking to make use of or avoid specific colours ? Please list colours that you feel would have a positive impact. Likewise, please list « negative » colours.

Have more to say ?

If you have more information that couldn't be squeezed in above then please feel free to use the space below.

Anti Spam *

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Thank you !

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